Recommended Products

  • Dust removal equipment

    Description:Dust removal equipment is mainly used in cement, steel, non-ferrous metal, electric power, machinery, chemical industry, waste incineration and other industry dust pollution is serious.

  • Ventuires

    Description:Venturi tube venturi tube short, its principle is when the wind blowing through the barrier, the barrier the leeward side port near the air pressure is relatively low, resulting in the adsorption effect and cause the air to flow. Its effect can be used in many places, such as vacuum cleaner, powder …

  • Cell Plate

    Description:It is called porous plate flower plate, is the same size steel diaphragm installation hole bag. In the flower plate design is mainly arranged bag hole distance, the gap and bag diameter, length of bag, dust properties, filtration velocity and factors. Such as between the hole and the hole distance i…

  • Bag Cap

    Description:Lifting cap commonly known as cap bag and lifting cap is in filter type dust removal equipment bag lifting and sealing device, the main use is low in the filtration velocity, dust removal equipment volume larger places.

  • Pulse Valves

    Description:Electromagnetic pulse valve is pulse bag type dust removal equipment in the use of double diaphragm valve under low pressure. By the pulse jet control device output signal of the control, the bag by row spray blowing, make dust resistance to keep within the limits set, to ensure that the dust collec…


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